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  • How adventurous are you?

  • How much heat can you take?

  • Where are you most likely to eat Goodfish?

  • Do you like mixing flavors?

  • I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...


Sensible & Classic

You're the type of person who adds logic to an illogical world – the voice of reason and the calm within the storm. You know what works and you stick to it – in life and in snack choices.

We think you’ll like these flavors:


  • How adventurous are you?

  • How much heat can you take?

  • Where are you most likely to eat Goodfish?

  • Do you like mixing flavors?

  • I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...

  • sustainably wild caught

  • traceable

  • upcycled

  • sourced & made in usa

  • whole bcaa protein

  • marine collagen

  • omega-3s

Snacking Our Way Out Of Seafood Waste

Over 2B pounds of seafood goes to waste every year. But we’re in the business of bettering the salmon economy & ecosystem. We’ve upcycled 205,611 pounds of salmon skins and counting, all while proudly supporting the US’ most sustainable fisheries in Bristol Bay, AK.

what people are saying...

  • Love love love this. Great healthy snack for kids. No carbs. They went through all the bags in a day… will get some more the berry one and lime one are the favorite. I put some on salad too it worked well for protein.

  • Tried and loved those. Then served at a party. Huge success! Delicious flavor, texture unique and as delicious, crispiness unanimously appreciated. Awesome product making the world a better place bite after bite.

  • Our whole family is obsessed with these! We love them with dip and they’ve been the perfect snack while driving up the coast. Our favorite is the Chili Lime. Will be ordering again!

    Molly R.
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