Saving the fish, one crispy salmon skin chip at a time

Two billion pounds of Alaskan seafood is wasted every year. We’re changing the tides by upcycling salmon skin sourced from the most sustainable fishery in Bristol Bay into a delicious snack. Each savory flavor is seasoned with organic ingredients & crisped to perfection. Voila.

Try all 4 flavors

Starter Pack

8 pack (2 of each flavor)

featuring 2 bags each of our classics:

sea salt, spicy bbq, chili lime and tart cranberry

What’s in the pack?

Chili Lime

2 bags

Sea Salt

2 bags

Spicy BBQ

2 bags

Tart Cranberry

2 bags

Why we love it

10 grams of clean protein

~20% of daily recommended

Omega-3 unsaturated fats


Only 80 calories

That’s about half the calories in a typical bag of potato chips

Keto & paleo friendly

Good natural fats & no carbs

What people are saying..

“Finally I can snack on something yummy and my mom won’t nag me for it because it’s HEALTHY too! Spicy bbq mmmmmmmmmm”

- Talal AlSairafi 

Los Angeles, CA

“The chips of 2020– The sea salt ones are a great snack or to throw in a salad to add a little crunch (and lots of protein), the flavor is amazing, if you don’t like fish then you may find them to be a little fishy you’d wanna go for the tart cranberry for a sweeter treat! I can definitely say they are borderline addicting 🤪”

- Sabrina O’Mara 

Los Angeles, CA