How it’s made

From Alaska to you

Goodfish is made in as few steps as possible using sustainable fishing methods, so that you get the best-tasting, most environmentally-friendly salmon snack around.

Step 1

We use exclusively Alaskan wild-caught sockeye salmon, from one of the best-managed fisheries in the world. Unlike gillnet fisheries in large rivers which kill a lot of fish, we choose to work with select fisheries who responsibly harvest abundant target species. We have a great relationship with our main supplier, who has been in business for 30 years.

Step 2

Salmon skins are shipped on ice to our kitchen in CT USA where they’re dried, prepared with organic, non-GMO ingredients like chilli and lime juice, then fried to crispy perfection. No weird gelification processes or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Step 3
Bag it up

The crispy skins are then packed-up into convenient portion-size bags so you can take them with you anywhere you might get hungry, i.e. EVERYWHERE.

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