About Us

a sea change in snacks

At Goodfish, we believe you can have your (fish)cake, and eat it too. It’s why we created salmon snacks that not only taste great, they’re also super healthy, and good for the planet.

Meet the people behind the salmon

Launched in 2020 and over a decade in the making, GOODFISH, a project by the global icon, adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls and Harmless Harvest founders Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert, is pioneering traceable sustainable seafood to be enjoyed by all. The entrepreneurs are applying their passion, commitment, expertise, and learnings to positively contribute to solving the seafood conundrum. Goodfish is driven by a small team with a big mission to make a positive impact and bring accessible sustainable and popular seafood to everyone.

We made Goodfish for you

With clean protein, good omega fats, and marine collagen in every bag, eating Goodfish delivers all the taste you love, without that heavy feeling you get from carbs. 

An upstream battle that’s worth the fight

Goodfish isn’t only good for you, it’s great for the planet. Our snacks are made with wild-caught Alaskan salmon in Bristol Bay, one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world, currently under threat from a proposed Pebble mine project. We believe the best way to protect Alaskan fisheries is by increasing their revenue and economic independence.

We fight for fish

We upcycle our wild Sockeye salmon skins. As they fillet the fish for the greater seafood world, we work with the fishing community and obtain the premium skins with strict quality guidelines.

Join the countercurrent

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