Health Benefits

Why Protein (& Goodfish) Is Good For You

We talk about protein all the time, but what does it actually do and why is it so important to have in our diet? 

Protein helps your body function properly by building muscle, repairing bones, and lowering blood pressure. It’s basically a macronutrient of many talents that belongs in your diet.



Hmmm… What’s a snack that’s a good source of protein?

*cough cough* That’s our cue. 

Meet Goodfish – deliciously crispy wild salmon skins with 10 grams of protein, or 20% of your daily protein requirement. Our salmon skin chips are loaded with protein and slight flex, it’s whole branched chain amino acid (BCAA) protein. BCAA protein is known for enhancing athletic performance, promoting lean muscle growth, and having lower caloric content than other types of protein. To put it quite frankly, BCAA protein is like the lion of the protein kingdom – it’s superior in every way.



Does this make Goodfish the perfect high-protein, high-flavor snack?


With 10 grams of top-notch protein in 7 tastebud-igniting flavors, we’d say our deliciously crispy wild salmon skins are the high-protein, high-flavor snack of your dreams. So, toss out the icky protein powder and start getting your muscle-building, bone-repairing protein from a tasty salmon skin snack.

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