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Jasmyne Spencer (Jas It Up) and Goodfish 

What do we have in common with Jasmyne Spencer? We're both obsessed with sustainability, love supporting local communities and value the importance of sourcing materials & food that are good for you and our planet too. Oh, yeah, and we really like our snacks. So, meet Jay Spencer, the pro soccer athlete who we've joined forces with to make a bigger impact.


Jasmyne Spencer (Jas It Up) and Goodfish


Hi Jasmyne! It's so GOOD to talk with you. We'd love for you to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you. 

I'm originally from Long Island, NY and currently live in Houston, TX. I attended college at the University of Maryland where I was an All-American soccer player and graduated with a B.S. in Biology. I've been playing in the National Women's Soccer League since its inception in 2013 and currently play for the Houston Dash. In 2016 I founded Jas it Up, a sustainable lifestyle brand, whose mission is to uplift communities, empower the youth, and protect the environment. 


What is Jas it Up, and what's the story behind it? What makes your brand sustainable? 

Jas It Up is a Black woman-owned business, that offers fashionable and sustainable athleisure wear backed by a commitment to support local communities creating the better future we want. When I started Jas It Up, I sought to create ethically produced, long-lasting products for the everyday environmentalist. To ensure my commitment to sustainability I adopted the United Nations' three pillars of sustainable development model, to build a brand focused on economic viability, social equity, and environmental protection.

All of my collections are designed with a specific theme in mind to raise both awareness and direct support for environmental and social issues of our time. My clothes are for anyone who wants to wear them and are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials designed for long-lasting apparel that never goes out of style. A perfect combination to limit our impact on the planet.

Social equity has been one of my driving values from the start. Jas & Friends Coalition (JAS F.C.) is the developmental training program of Jas It Up launched to provide soccer mentorship clinics for young people. I've also partnered with several nonprofits such as the International Rescue Committee and One Tree Planted. Through the support of my customers, we’ve supported over 50 kids in their goals of playing soccer, donated over 100 handsewn masks to communities in need during the COVID pandemic, and planted over 75 trees in the Pacific Northwest to help the endangered Orca population. 


Jasmyne Spencer (Jas It Up) and Goodfish


When and how did your interest in sustainability and contributing positively to the environment develop? Why do you think it is important?  

As a kid I spent a lot of time at the beach and playing outside. I've always had a love for nature. My favorite shows were pretty much anything on Discovery Channel and Captain Planet, so I think my passion for the environment has always been there. My journey with sustainability started from a young age, too. I can vividly remember watching An Inconvenient Truth in high school and telling everyone I knew they needed to recycle, and cut back on their water and electricity use.

As I got older my knowledge on sustainability has grown and so has my platform to reach people. I feel a responsibility to educate people on how important it is to adopt sustainable practices into their daily lives. Whether it be an emphasis on protecting the environment or helping a community in need it's all necessary to contribute to our collective well-being. 


Jasmyne Spencer (Jas It Up) and Goodfish


Were you familiar with sustainable fishing before you knew Goodfish? What are your thoughts on the food industry and waste? 

I have heard about sustainable fishing before. A veterinarian that I did volunteer work with at an animal shelter was interested in retiring and opening his own sustainable fishery. I learned a lot from him in general, but his take on the importance of sustainable fishing and the need for better regulations in the future within the fishing industry was fascinating.

I think it's pretty remarkable how much the food industry impacts the climate crisis. From the agricultural practices in the meat and dairy industry to the amount of food we waste - this is an area in particular where we have the ability to really make a direct impact with our fight against the climate crisis by making small changes in our lifestyle.

As a professional athlete, how do you relate with changing consumer habits into healthier ones, and improving consciousness on making healthier life choices? 

Being a professional athlete I'm always conscious of the new publications and trends that come out and are advocating for a healthy lifestyle. There is so much information out these days that I empathize with consumers trying to find which trends will suit them best.

I always encourage people to do as much of their own research as possible and adapt habits that suit their specific lifestyle and needs. What works for one person might not work for someone else for a multitude of reasons whether it be access to certain resources, age, dietary restrictions, other health concerns, etc. The important thing is that when deciding upon lifestyle choices people consider the impact their choices have on the health and well being of their body and the environment.

 Jasmyne Spencer (Jas It Up) and Goodfish


Do you think health and wellness relate with the environment? How so? 

I definitely think that health and wellness relates to the environment. Everything we consume has come from the environment at one point or another. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, to the areas we live in, the environment impacts all aspects of our life. In my opinion caring for our personal health and wellness has to start with caring for the environment. 


What is your favorite thing about Goodfish?

I absolutely love Goodfish. It tastes amazing, is healthy, and with 10g of protein it's a perfect snack for me as an elite athlete. However, my favorite thing about Goodfish is the commitment to sustainability. It's so important for our future that companies are committed to both the planet and the people who inhabit it. 


Last one: favorite flavor?

Sea salt and salt and vinegar are my favorites!

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