5 Things You Didn't Know About Goodfish


YES, our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon skins are 100% gluten-free and considered keto-friendly. Click here for the most delicious, gluten-free & keto-friendly snack that has ever graced this planet (no bias at all).


2. 100% traceable and UPCYCLED

We exclusively use wild-caught sockeye salmon from one of the best-managed, sustainable fisheries in the world and turn it into a tasty, environmentally-friendly salmon skin snack. We’re happy to announce that we’ve upcycled 238,611 lbs of fish skins – and counting! 


3. They can improve brain function & heart health

Our salmon skin chips are packed with Omega 3s and unsaturated fatty acids, which have been proven to increase blood flow to the brain and reduce inflammation associated with heart disease. Snack now for better health!


4. They contain whole bcaa protein

Branched-chain amino acid (bcaa) protein, found in our deliciously crispy wild salmon skins, has been proven to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, and reduce exercise fatigue. Sayonara dry, hard-to-swallow pre-workout. Hello tasty, flavorful, muscle-building fuel. 


5. They are GOOD for you

You read right – Goodfish is good for you in every single way. Seriously, just look at that dreamy nutrition facts label. Each bag of deliciously crispy wild salmon skins contains 10 grams of protein, ZERO carbs, and only 80 calories. Hungry for a yummy, healthy snack yet? Click here!

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