3 Reasons Why Salmon Skins Are the BEST Snack

We know the confidence you place in your snack of choice is monumental. That’s why we’ve put our heart, mind, and soul into creating a snack that is worthy of your choosing – a snack that checks every box on your dream snack list. Today, we’re here to (humbly) prove to you why our deliciously crispy wild salmon skins are the BEST snack on the planet.


1. They’re Very Well-Rounded

Our crispy wild salmon skins have it all – 10g of protein, tons of tastebud-igniting flavor (@ Sriracha Lemongrass, Miso Teriyaki, and Salt & Vinegar), and the fact that they’re sustainably made with upcycled salmon skins. To say the least, our wild Alaska salmon skins are the total package (sustainable & perfectly-portioned of course).


2. They’re Not Like Other Snacks, They’re Better

Looking for a quick and easy flavor or texture upgrade? Add our crispy wild salmon skins. Crunch them up into a poke bowl, put them in your favorite salad, or dunk them in a savory dip. Mouthwatering, crispy salmon skins go above and beyond the typical snack duties.

3. The Benefits Get Under Your Skin

In the best way possible. Our deliciously crispy wild salmon skins are absolutely loaded with omega-3s and marine collagen, which help you maintain healthy, glowing skin. Read more about why snacking is so good for your skin here.

Are you convinced yet? Ready to change your life for the better? If so, click here for a healthy, flavorful, wild salmon skin snack.

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